Simple, Tasty Burgers


Makes 8/Serves 4

Homemade burgers are the bees knees. And so simple too. If you use lean mince and skimp on the extras they’re also not that unhealthy…but that’s not really the point is it?


800g beef mince
8 rolls
1 egg
salt, pepper any combination of your favourite herbs
2 medium onions
1 tbspn sugar
1 glug of balsamic vinegar
Salad leafs
Some kind of awful processed cheese
Various sauces to taste

Grab a chopping board, slice the onions into rings then stick them to one side. Tip all the mince into a large bowl, add a good dash of whatever herbs/spices you fancy – I literally just grabbed whatever was to hand; salt, pepper oregano, mixed herbs, basil, chilli powder and add the egg. Mash together with your hands until everything is evenly mixed then divide into 8 equal “patties” (man, I hate that word) and stick on the now empty chopping board. I recommend going for larger diameter/thinner burgers as they will cook in the middle a lot better than fat ones. Really try and squash the mince together well – the egg should help “bind” it so it doesn’t fall to pieces in the pan. Some recipes recommend leaving the patties (ARGH!) in the fridge for a couple of hours but from past experience I’ve found this hasn’t made much difference in the sticking-together-stakes.

Add a dash of oil (you won’t need much as the burgers will ooze lovely beefy juices) to a large frying pan and set to a high heat. Add 4 of the patties as the oil starts to sizzle and press down with a burger flipper/spatula/flat kitchen implement thing. Once some of the beefy juices have started to flow tip these into another pan, with the sugar and balsamic vinegar and fry up your onions until some are just starting to go golden. Turn the burgers after a few minutes and press down again. Try and keep the number of times you flip them over to a minimum as the more you flip the more likely they are to start to fall apart.

After a few minutes of browning on both sides, cut the thickest one in half to see if it is cooked in the middle. If not, turn the heat down so as not to burn the outsides and leave until there is no pink remaining. If I’m honest I cut all of mine in half and flipped them onto the cut side to make doubly sure no one got ill but that’s totally up to you. Once burgers and onions are ready, turn both down to a very low heat and prepare your bun. This is how I did mine:

1. Cut bun in two.
2. Ketchup the top half and add a layer of disgustingly brilliant plastic cheese.
3. Add mayonnaise and a dash of dijon mustard to the bottom half and spread around.
4. Add a good helping of leaves.
5. Stick the burger on the bottom bun and add the onions.
6. Add the top half, ketchup, cheese and all and marvel at your amazing creation/scoff the heffing lot. Then repeat with the remaining burgers.

If I had more time I might make my own bread rolls or start getting fancy with the ingredients in the burger. However when you want a “fast food” hit without too much effort these really hit the spot. And they’re so much nicer than anything from Maccy D’s or Burger King. Fo’ serious.

P.S. It’s obligatory to make a huge amount of mess when trying to eat your burger. If you end up with a clean plate, clean hands and a clean mouth you are clearly a GOD.


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