Two Days in Bristol


We spent the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in Bristol and these are our foodie highlights:

1. The Archhouse Deli

A beautiful, impressively stocked deli/café that serves some nice cakes and incredible looking sandwiches (although unfortunately we didn’t have the appetite to try one). We had a slice of banana cake and a slice of apple cake and both were rather tasty, though in different ways. The apple cake was subtle and delicate whereas the banana cake was one massive banana hit, although personally I would have loved some dark chocolate chips. Check out their menu here.

2. Westfield Park Jubilee Street Party

While wondering around Clifton we stumbled across a street party. Sauntering up to take some arty-farty photos we were greeted with open arms and paper plates. Somehow we had timed our wandering to perfectly coincide with a bake-off! Approximately 50 different cakes were lined up, from cupcakes to fruitcakes and bakewells to brownies and we were told to taste them ALL and choose our favourite. This kind of opportunity doesn’t come very often so we had to pinch ourselves to check we were actually awake.

We couldn’t quite manage a taste of all, but we must have tried at least 10 between us. Jelly’s vote went to a squidgy, gooey Rhubard Crumble Cake and Whale’s went to some Raspberry and Blueberry cupcakes. We are awaiting recipes for both! Thanks to all the residents of Westfield Park for their hospitality!


COOK is a great shop that sells homemade frozen meals. And some bloody good brownie too. Check out their website here and use their store locator function to find your closest brownie! We demolished a whole block (apparently 6 servings) in a day. In fact our diet on Monday literally just consisted of tea and cake.

4. Cordial & Grace

A recently opened café that serves some quintessentially British afternoon tea with a twist. We tried both their savoury (cheese & mustard scones with cream cheese & chutney) and their sweet (ginger scones with clotted cream and rhubarb jam) options. Trying to pick a favourite is nigh on impossible. For us, the savoury wins on points (but that might just be because we are massive chutney whores). Here’s their menu.

There were many more wonderful looking cafés, pubs and restaurants we didn’t get a chance to try…maybe next time!


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