Our Quest For The World’s Best Brownie: Update


As anyone who has read our blog will attest, we are on a never-ending quest for The World’s Best Brownie. It’s a difficult task but someone has got to do it. This latest entry comes from London, a RealFood Market to be more precise and Outsider Tart to be preciser still.

We were down in London to catch some athletics after picking up Paralympic Fever while suffering Post-Olympic Blues (both genuine medical conditions). It. Was. Incredible. Words cannot do justice to how well everything worked, from the train connections, to the ever-so-friendly “games-makers”, via some free (!) ice-cream, chocolate and pretzels. The stadium was a marvel – we were literally in the very last row and still felt a part of the action – the atmosphere  electric, the crowd fantastic, the sport exceptional. But we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to talk about brownie.

Before leaving for London we made a plan to try something different from the usual lunch and hunt down some exceptional street food. And hunt it down we did.

More on our main courses later, for now we’ll stick to pudding, coming courtesy of two quirky Americans and their mouth-watering cake stall. Laid out before us were what must have been 15 varieties of thick, fat, squares of brownie, enormous amorphous cookies and halfway-house cookie-brownies. To say the choice was impossible would be a lie. But only a small one.

Eventually we went for one Cinnamon & Walnut Dark Chocolate and one Chocolate Peanut Butter. Rich, chammy, sweet, delicious, what’s the word we’re looking for here…oh, yeah: AMAZING. At £2.50 a pop you get plenty of gooey-goodness for your hard-earned buck. They kept us going well into the night, with a nibble here and a gobble there. Omnomnom.

Having returned home we have since discovered these wonderful American brownie-GODS have their own website AND cookbook. (Guess what’s just gone on our Christmas list). It’s just a shame they don’t deliver outside London, though we might have to email them about that – J’s sister has sent him birthday brownies through the post before with no serious repercussions…!

If you’re in the London area really do check these guys out. In fact, make an extra effort to try out as much street food as you can, it’s made by real food-lovers more interested in flavour than being able to pay the rent. But if you can help them do that too I’m sure they’ll love you forever. And you’ll get to taste some of the freshest, most exquisite, diverse and mouth-watering food available to man. Or woman. Or dog. Fo’ serious.


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