Pear & Stem Ginger Ice-Cream


J got it into his head that he wanted some pear ice-cream and while we were performing our standard “what’s-in-the-reduced-section-of-the-supermarket?” bargain hunt we came across not one but two bags of pears! So W got onto finding a recipe, which we have pretty much followed, but with the addition of 60g chopped dark chocolate to round off the recipe. For the original recipe, see here.


6 small pears, chopped
4 pieces stem ginger, chopped
3 tbsp stem ginger syrup
60 ml white wine
284 ml double cream
150 g sugar
3 egg yolks
splash of vanilla essence
60 g dark chocolate, roughly chopped


Add your chopped pear, half the chopped stem ginger and stem ginger syrup to the white wine over a medium heat, stirring occasionally until you form a purée. (We cheated and used a hand-zhuzher after a while). Take off the heat and place somewhere to cool (the cooler the mixture going into the ice-cream maker, the better).

Separate your egg yolks and whisk together with the sugar in a jug/small bowl until completely mixed. Gently heat the cream in a separate saucepan and when warmed through take off the heat and add the yolk/sugar mix, stirring constantly until again fully mixed. Put back on a low heat, stirring as the mix thickens into a lovely yellow-y rich creamy custard (approx. 5-10 minutes).

Take off the heat, combine with the pear purée, remaining stem ginger chunks and vanilla essence. Put the mixture into your ice-cream maker for 20-30 minutes (OR put in the freezer, churning by hand every 20 minutes or so to prevent ice crystal formation to ensure a smoooooth ice-cream). Once done in the ice-cream maker, stir in the chopped chocolate and transfer to an appropriate receptacle and stick in the freezer. Lick the bowl. Nom.


We found that before it went in the ice-cream maker the pear taste was quite subtle (hence the addition of the chocolate). However freezing ap-pear-ed to bring out the pear flavour nicely so don’t worry too much if, on first pre-frozen tasting, it’s not too pear-y. J really wanted to add more ginger (in the form of root ginger) but was shot down by W. (*whinge*). Still, it’s a dang tasty ice-cream, really nice and fluffy and infinitely more-ish.

For reasons unbeknownst to us, our mixture practically doubled in size in the ice-cream churner so just bear that in mind if your mixture almost fills your machine – keep an eye out for overflow! You wouldn’t want to lose any of this beauty!


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