23rd December is the New Boxing Day: Christmas Entertaining.


One day, when I am grown up, I will have my own house, my own kitchen and I will learn how to use my own oven. I can’t wait for the time I will be able to host my own Christmas dinner for friends and family. I have had a couple of practice runs, making Christmas roasts and all the trimmings with my housemates each December, but it won’t quite be on par with a grown-up roast until we are able to eat round a dining table. Sadly our student house is too small for a dining table, so we eat around the coffee table or on our laps.

At home, my mum is in charge of the Christmas dinner. That’s not to say she doesn’t appreciate a little help, but she runs the show, meaning I am stuck as the sous-chef, peeling 1000 spuds and chopping 2 tonnes of veg. There is not much room for my creativity, which means I get bored and often hand over my duties to our commis-chef (my dad).

This weekend I am cooking for a birthday party, which is conveniently placed very close to Christmas, so that I can stretch my legs and make something Christmassy of my own. I have long been deliberating what I should cook and have so far narrowed it down to a few favourite party recipes that I will adapt:

Paul Hollywood’s Turkey and Stuffing Chelsea Buns

Turkey, Stuffing and Cranberry Pies

Mini Vol-au-Vents with a Turkey and Stuffing Filling

Can you spot a theme?

These recipes would be great for using up leftovers and impressing people on Boxing Day. In fact, I know that is probably what they were intended for. But a birthday gathering on 23rd December is the new Boxing Day. So they say.

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