Is Cumin Safe For Cats?


WordPress is a source of some fairly trivial but occasionally useful and interesting statistics. I just happened to be perusing these in an attack of mid-essay procrastination when something rather unexpected caught my eye. A question. One to which I do not know the answer but more intriguingly, one to which I’m unsure anyone would know.

Or possibly more pressingly, why they would want to know.

Or possibly most pressingly, why on earth did it lead here?

The question in question? Well, lift your gaze and you shall see that it just so happens to be the title of this post. Is cumin safe for cats?

Of course now I am curious. Nearly 3.5 million Google hits tells me that quite a few other people are curious too. And somewhat chastises me for thinking what a ridiculous question it was. On closer inspection however quite a few of these hits appear to be Google showing me results for various other tenuously linked searches. Maybe not quite the 3.5 million hit behemoth to place alongside “where did we come from?” and “why are we here?” an initial glance would suggest but then again maybe not quite as ridiculous as I first concluded. So…why did it lead here?

I realise we use a lot cumin. It makes it into approximately 1 in 7 of our posts on this site according to our tag-cloud and probably a lot more in our every day cooking. We’ve probably also mentioned our shared fondness adoration for cats once or twice. However I hardly think those two facts constitute a reason for highlighting our blog which is clearly limited on the feline herbal remedy front. Maybe it’s something we should look into. So much for search engine optimisation! I might as well post about badgers and their predilection for toasted peanut butter marmalade sandwiches or why termites absolutely hate courgettes.

(Don’t ask me why by the way, they just do.)

A quick browse through the other search terms which have directed traffic our way throws up some other amusing morsels, two of my favourites being “paratha is dangerous” (to what, vegetables?) and “picture of manky old banana” (which I admit, we do have on our Banana Cupcakes recipe).

I’m intrigued to know now if anyone else has noticed odd search terms leading to hits on their sites – feel free to have a gander and share below.


The answer by the way appears to be yes, cumin is safe for cats, according to its absence from the ASPCA “Plants Toxic to Cats” list. But that doesn’t mean you should start supplementing your cat food or arranging a pet passport for your next trip to Morocco…

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