Who are we?

Two students, bored with student food, with a predilection for biscuits and fancy words like predilection. Willing to try most things. Apart from mushrooms. They’re just gross. Blogging about our culinary creations – successful or otherwise – from our house in Leicester.

We wanted somewhere to post some pretty pictures of our (hopefully) tasty food. And maybe the odd review of places we have eaten. In all honesty we’re nothing different from the other food blogs out there, save for probably being much less extensive due to our various other passions for equally interesting things like being doctors or engineers, watching films, making bracelets or playing with Lego.

This is food for everybody, not just students. We won’t use ingredients you can only get in the upper reaches of the Himalayas or niche delis located in the posh bits of London.  Calling it “honest” food sounds pretentious so we won’t do that. We literally just make what we fancy. Occasionally we may even include the odd studenty tip. But don’t hold that against us.

Neither of us has any previous “blogging” experience, we just hope that in the unlikely event anyone should stumble across our little page they like the look of the food and maybe even go and try it for themselves.


Things we enjoy:

a good cup of tea, the odd dark chocolate digestive (or six), music (especially live), expensive cider, making people feel better with medication and/or cake, ginger beer, antipasti, photography, a good chutney, medicine, collecting kitchen utensils for that fabled time when we actually own a kitchen, red grapes (apparently George likes ALL grapes), pie, homemade presents

Things we don’t enjoy:

being late, musicals, ordinary differential equations, mushrooms, mushrooms on toast, mushroom pie, ordinary differential mushrooms etc. etc.


3 responses »

  1. Hi guys, thanks so much for liking a post on my blog. Love what you’re doing – the fancy pants fish & chips dish is calling out to me!

  2. Great blog guys – really made my tummy rumble! I’ll be giving that grapefruit and ginger cake a go sometime – it looks gorgeous!

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